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The Great Controversy | mp3 CD

The Great Controversy | mp3 CD image
by Ellen G. White

Important historic events concerning the conflict between good and evil, as well as a detailed look at current and future events of utmost importance to humans.

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  • Contents
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1. A Forecast of the World's Destiny
2. The First Christians
3. An Era of Spiritual Darkness
4. The Faithful Torchbearers
5. The Light Breaks in England
6. Two Heroes Face Death
7. Luther - a Man for His Time
8. A Champion of Truth
9. Light Kindled in Switzerland
10. Progress of Reform in Germany
11. The Protest of the Princes
12. Daybreak in France
13. Stirred by Reform
14. Truth Advances in the British Isles
15. Terror and Retribution in France
16. Seeking Freedom in a New World
17. Promises of Christ's Return
18. New Light in the New World
19. Light Through Darkness
20. A Global Religious Awakening
21. Results of Rejecting Truth
22. Prophecies Fulfilled
23. The Mystery of the Sanctuary Unfolded
24. Jesus Christ Our Advocate
25. America in Prophecy
26. An Hour for Reform
27. Modern Revivals
28. Facing Our Life Record
29. Why Were Sin and Suffering Permitted
30. Man's Worst Enemy
31. Who Are the Angels?
32. Snares of Satan
33. The Mystery of Immortality
34. Can the Dead Speak to Us?
35. Liberty of Conscience Threatened
36. The Impending Conflict
37. Our Only Safeguard
38. God's Final Warning
39. The Time of Trouble
40. God's People Delivered
41. The Earth in Ruins
42. The Controversy Ended
See the description of the book: The Great Controversy.

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