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A Trip Into the Supernatural | book

A Trip Into the Supernatural | book image
by Roger J. Morneau

The experience Roger acquired during childhood and war, led him to hate God. Eventually he was led by a friend into demon worship. Than Morneau discovered that God is love, and decided to break away from satanism. And the God he misunderstood before, helped him escape the captivity of devils.
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1. In Trouble With the Spirits
2. My Childhood Days
3. A Trip Into the Supernatural
4. Worship Room of the Gods
5. Spirits in Auction
6. Pressure for a Commitment
7. From Demon Worship to Bible Study
8. Monday Evening at Study
9. Studying on Borrowed Time
10. Day of Promises
11. The Bible Sabbath
12. A New Day and a New Life
13. Episode of Death
14. Counting My Blessings
15. Epilogue
“Face it, Morneau, you’re not your own master. I wish you were, but you’re not. The spirits own you in your entirety, and the sooner you acknowledge that, . . . the better off you’ll be.” Roland began pacing the floor, wringing his hands. “What I’m about to say to you I’d rather tell my enemies, instead of a longtime friend.” By then Roland was perspiring profusely, although it wasn’t warm in the room. “Your days are numbered – along with those of the young couple responsible for leading you away from the master. Come with me to see the high priest right now. He will restore you to the spirit’s favor, and all will be well. This way no one gets hurt.” Roland again had to pause for a couple seconds to use his handkerchief. “One Thing in Particular the high priest wants you to realize – no one has ever gotten out of our secret society alive. The spirits brought you and me into it, and we’re to be in subjection to them, not they to us.”

The experiences and questions of childhood and wartime had turned Roger Morneau away from God until he hated Him. After the war a friend led Roger into demon worship. Then Morneau discovered the good news of a loving God and wanted to break away from devil worship. Here is Roger Morneau’s own story of divine rescue from the terrifying world of Satanism. Roger Morneau dedicated his life to prayer ministry and recorded God’s thrilling responses in his books: Incredible Answers to Prayer, More Incredible Answers to Prayer, and When You Need Incredible Answers to Prayer.

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ISBN: 0-8280-0138-3
Pages: 141